Saturday, April 30, 2011

Our visit to South Africa

In April we made a last minute decision to visit the family in South Africa. We already had a camper van booked for a local holiday, but then decided to visit the family instead.

Christie, not happy to see us leaving and hoping to fit into the luggage.

Singapore Airport
We decided to fly over Singapore to visit our friend.
These flowers are real and it is amazing.

Our oldest son, Nico is busy with his Private Pilot Licence and we watched him flying.
The R22 helicopter

Performing all the checks before take off

Take off

Practising hovering

The landing

Breakfast with my brother and parents
As you know, my family is spread across the globe. We were fortunate to meet for breakfast in Hatfield on Saturday morning.


My brother Hans and I - not sure when the next opportunity will be for a photo together

Mom and Hans

Dad and Mom

??? - not sure.....

Our sons, Nico and Adriaan
Riana, Onica, Mom, Dad

Nico (the husband) only joined later

Lunch with the family

Machelene (my cousin) and Julian.

Schalk and Elize, my uncle and aunt

Nico's 21st Birthday

I failed to take a normal photo from the clown!

Made by Onica

Taking care of Machelene's little Domino

He is so cute!

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