Saturday, September 17, 2011

Celebrating our Permanent Residence

 We had a great party at our house. We thought of inviting all our friends, but the house would be too small, so we invited the people who came a long way with us until our PR.

Outside on the patio. The dog was the highlight of the party for the kids.

Group photo

Nishant and Mehmet


The chocolate fountain and strawberries were very popular.

Adorable smile!

Ravi's pretty daughter

Ravi, Cynthia, Clinton and Erin


Mari and Debbie

Elaine and Mari

Christo, Clinton and Erin


Nishant's wife and Sarah


Adriaan and Christie. She was exhausted from playing with the kids and had a great time.

Looks like negotiations....

Penny and Nishant

More group photo's

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